April 21 Safety Procedures Implemented, police presence

 Below is information shared just after the event and then later in the day from the Kuna Police.

KUNA POLICE STATEMENT - April 21, 2022 about 4 p.m. 

We had a few tense moments at Kuna High School earlier today but want to assure everyone all the students are safe and weren’t in danger.
The issue started just before 1:30 p.m. Thursday when a student noticed an 18-year-old man – who was not a student — walking inside the building. That student texted another student who also knew the man — who said the man may have had access to a gun in the past.
That led to that student telling a faculty member, who told the School Resource Officer, who requested the school go into “hall check” status so he could look for the man. Several officers from Kuna Police and deputies from the Ada County Sheriff’s Office showed up to help and began searching the school.
They quickly figured out who the man was, that he did not have a gun, and was likely already off campus. They called him on his cell phone and he told them where he was.
Officers then found and interviewed the man, who told them he was visiting a friend on campus but knew he shouldn’t have been there. Kuna Police ticketed him for trespassing.
The “hall check” lockdown took about 45 minutes. We understand how tense and scary it must have been but we are glad to say the KHS students and faculty knew exactly what to do and made it possible for our officers to do their work in an efficient manner.
We also understand how important your children are to you so we will always have an immediate and significant response to anything that might compromise their safety.
Finally, we’d like to thank our parents, students, and citizens for being patient and trusting us to get the most accurate information out to you as soon as possible.

Kuna Families & Staff 

As a precaution today (April 21), we implemented our safety procedure called a hall check at Kuna High, Fremont Middle, and Hubbard and Reed elementary schools. The hall check ended and the schools resumed normal operations at about 2:20 p.m.  

Here's what happened: 

Earlier today, Kuna High School received a report that an unknown person had entered the campus. The person was found and did not hurt, threaten, or injure anyone. 

During the search for the person, the  “hall check” was ordered: this means doors were locked and individuals did not move about the school and visitors were not allowed into the school.

In an abundance of caution, hall check was extended to nearby schools: Fremont, Hubbard and Reed 

A number of police were called to the scene and will be a presence on our campus through the end of the day.