KHS students headed for state competition

photos of student winners

Congratulations to Kuna High School Business Professionals of America (BPA) students who participated in regional competition and to those who qualified for state competition March 17-19, 2022

Contest Name Place FirstName LastName
Intermediate Word Processing 3 Gracie McKay
Fundamental Desktop Publishing 1 Kate Vogel
Fundamental Desktop Publishing 2 Alicia Dransfield
Fundamental Desktop Publishing 3 Bentley Parrot
Fundamental Desktop Publishing 5 Dylan Gamboa
Fundamental Desktop Publishing 7 Colton Deatherage
Graphic Design Promotion 2 Mckenzi Bitner
Graphic Design Promotion 3 Blake Wolters
Graphic Design Promotion 5 Alicia Dransfield
Advanced Desktop Publishing 1 Lucy Bowen
Computer Modeling 1 James Leckie
Website Design Team 2 Hayden Mample
Website Design Team 2 Amber Ridley
Website Design Team 2 Blake Wolters
Digital Communication & Design Concepts 1 Lucy Bowen
Interview Skills 2 Mia Price
Extemporaneous Speech 1 Kimber Smith
Extemporaneous Speech 3 Amelia Sommercorn
Prepared Speech 2 Rebeca Maly
Presentation Management Individual 2 Hannah McKay
Presentation Management Team 1 Mckenzi Bitner
Presentation Management Team 1 Abigail Merritt