• Bonds and Levies

    What is the plan for our community to support Kuna students during this period of rapid growth?
    In 2017, the Kuna School Board approved a 10-year plan - #KSDgrowingforward - based on priorities identified by the community, parents, and teachers.
    The plan is to: 
    • Address community priorities for student learning with an annual supplemental levy (levy for learning) renewed every two years
    • Create space for future new students with bonds (bonds for buildings) about every three to four years
    • Harness growth to fund school growth and keep the tax rate stable and predictable

    Midway through the plan in 2022, the Capital Plan Task Force reviewed growth projections and updated the plan.


    Keeping taxes stable, predictable

    Tax rate promises are being kept. 

    The original plan was to provide for needs while keeping the tax rate at $5 per $1,000 of taxable property values.

    Thanks to refinancing and paying off bond debt the tax rate has dropped from $5 to $2.05 per $1,000 of taxable value

    Below is a summary of how past bonds and levies have been used to support our students.


  • 2021 Levy for Learning

  • 2019 Levy for Learning

  • 2017 Levy for Learning

  • 2017 Bond for Buildings