Kuna School District Practice with Residential Developments

  • Kuna School District covers a portion of southern Ada County, Idaho that is currently growing rapidly. Until September 2021, our District was largely neutral about this growth.

    With the Board meeting in September of 2021, we changed our approach to residential developments because they do have a large impact on our School District.

    We now notify the City of Kuna, or other municipalities, of how each development impacts the Kuna School District.  If we project that the homes in a given area are over our current capacity, we give a letter saying we cannot serve this proposed development.

    In order to reduce our reliance on bonds, and to promote reasonable growth within our district that pays for itself, we generally seek partnerships with the residential developers of this area. Partnerships with developers mitigate the impact homes will have on Kuna School District and our ability to deliver services without compromising the quality of service delivery to current residents or imposing substantial additional costs upon current residents to accommodate proposed subdivisions or other developments. (See Idaho Code §67-6513).  These partnerships generally include a donation of land, money, or involvement in a capital project. 


Development Tracker

Ten-Year Facility Maintenance Plan

  • In 2017, the Kuna Board of Trustees adopted a 10-year "Growing Forward Plan" to help identify and plan the facility needs of our current and future students.

    We also have a 10-year plan for the maintenance of our current buildings.

Growth projections
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