School Building Capacities

  • The table below shows the student capacities of our school buildings and a link to the current enrollment in each school. Schools in bold type are overcapacity.

    The total number of students in a school and grade level will change throughout the school year.

    We typically see our enrollments stabilize the two weeks after the start of school.

    The number of teachers to serve students at each school is finalized after the 5th day of school.  

    Overcapacity schools & new learning spaces needed

    The Capital Plan Task Force  used data from the end of the 2021-22 School Year to identify how many new schools will be needed to serve our students and avoid overcrowding including:

    • 6 elementary schools
    • 2 middle schools
    • 1 to 2 high schools
    • an alternative middle school 
  • KSD School Capacities
    Bolded schools are over or near capacity. Click links to see current levels  

  • Educational Capacity by School