• Kuna School District serves the residents of the City of Kuna and areas in southern Ada County, and a small portion of eastern Canyon County.

    Our community once made up primarily of farms, ranches, and agriculture-based businesses is changing as new residential developments welcome new residents and new families and their children to our schools.  

    Challenges of growth 

    New families mean new students. We strive to predict the number of new children and new schools needed to serve them by closely tracking developments in our boundaries. 

    Based on developments that have been approved by our counties and city, Kuna is expecting our student population to grow significantly in the next 10 years. 

    Most public school buildings in Idaho are funded solely by property taxes approved by local voters. The "bonds for buildings" proposals require a super-majority of voters -- 66 and 2/3rd to support -- to pass.

    Unlike other states, Idaho does not allow school districts to require impact fees on developments. 

    We advocate for the needs of our students and our taxpayers by asking developers to partner with us to help mitigate the challenges of growth in our community. 

    Partnerships for strong schools, communities 

    Our KSD development team advocates for the needs of our students, taxpayers, and the community with developers as well as local governing boards and councils that control development. 

    In July 2022, our locally-elected Kuna Board of Trustees (a.k.a. school board) approved a voluntary support contribution of about $3,200 per housing unit.

    We ask developers to voluntarily contribute this amount or equivalent i.e. land donation, bus donation, etc. to help mitigate their proposed development's impact on schools and taxpayers. 

    In the fall of 2022, the Board contracted with TischlerBise to analyze enrollment, costs of construction of new schools, land acquisition costs, etc. to update estimates of the impact of new development on the district. 

    Watch the video presentation here:

    Review the slides used at the Board of Trustees meeting:

     KSD Voluntary Capital Mitigation Fee Report

    Building a coalition to help shape Kuna's future 

    Our Director of Strategic Partnerships Danielle Horras helps facilitate a Growth Committee of community members, parents and others concerned with how to engage in the process to shape the future of Kuna. If you are interested in getting involved, please email her.

KSD Development Team

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