Routes and Bus Stops

  • 2023-24 Bus Routes are available on PowerSchool and the KSD Mobile App

    Our transportation team does an amazing job estimating pick-up and drop-off times at bus stops, which you will see in PowerSchool.


    Every year, we appreciate your patience as we adjust the pickup and drop-off times to adjust routes for new students and with traffic conditions. The adjustment process may take about two weeks. It will be important to regularly check PowerSchool for the most current information.


    Parents/Guardians can find their child(ren)’s bus stop using these steps:

    • Log into PowerSchool or the KSD Mobile App with your parent/guardian credentials to check your student's bus information.  
    • Please Note: We do not recommend or support the use of the PowerSchool mobile app.

    PowerSchool Bus Information  KSD Mobile App Bus Information

    What if there is no bus number?

    Students must be assigned to a bus in order to ride. If you do not see a bus number/bus stop/bus stop time, your student is likely not assigned to a bus.

    If you are new to our district or if your child is new to riding the bus, please call our Transportation Department as soon as possible at (208) 922-1013.

    Staff are available from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday during the school year. 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the summer.   

    The start of school is a high call volume. We appreciate your patience and ask you to please leave a message.

    Early Release Wednesdays - Elementary

    2-hour early release will move the drop-off times 2 hours early. For example, if the normal drop-off time is 4:05, the Wednesday drop-off time will be 2:05. 

    Early Release Wednesdays - Kuna Middle and Fremont Middle

    Dismissed at 12:30 p.m.. Drop-off time will be approximately 2 hours earlier than normal. 


    Bus Stop Tips for Parents & Riders 

    • Students must be assigned to a bus in order to ride. If your student did not ride the bus the previous year, they will not be assigned to a bus unless a request is made by contacting the Transportation Department at (208) 922-1013. 
    • Please have your student at the bus stop 5 minutes ahead of the bus stop time in the morning. If your bus stop is in a rural area at your home, the bus stop is 15 feet back from the roadside. 
    • Younger students usually need help learning where their bus stop is located. Teaching them to know the location by landmarks is a good way to help ensure that they get off at the correct stop. 
    • Large items that cannot fit in a backpack are prohibited on buses. All items should be secure within their own seat in a backpack or on their lap. Skateboards are also prohibited on buses.
    • Transportation is required to perform two evacuation drills each school year. Typically, these drills are done upon arrival at school, take about 5 minutes, and usually do not cause tardy issues.